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In a feat of impressive musical alchemy, Trollstilt has fused an ancient tradition, the Hardanger fiddle repertoire of Norway, with modern compositional technique and created something truly 21st-century. Dan Trueman's tunes, which range from the demonic to the playful, extend the form without sacrificing the spirit or rigor of the original music. Monica Mugan's intricate, sympathetic guitar accompaniments bring something new to the tradition that will be copied for years to come. This is hypnotic, fresh, bracing music.

--Bob Norman, folksinger, former editor of Sing Out!, the folk song magazine

on their performance at AmeriKappleik, famed traditional Norwegian fiddler Vidar Lande writes in the HFAA SoundPost: "[Trollstilt] made an impression.... It was a superb concert of high quality."

WARNING: The trolls and gnomes have apparently sent Dan and Monica a magic potion to create a suite of pieces that will work their way into your mind's ear and refuse to leave. You'll find this music going through your head at all hours of the day and night, and its addictive qualities will make you abandon productive tasks in order to listen more. This unique blend of Hardanger, contemporary, electronic, dance and folk music will be unlike anything you know. It's lively, tuneful, unusual, masterfully composed and performed. It's truly magical music.

--Paul Lansky, composer and professor, Princeton Music Department

Ever been transported to a different sense of time? Ever been utterly transfixed by a particular sound or piece of music? Ever been so mesmerized by something so fresh and fulfilling that you couldn't stop thinking about it? Welcome to the sounds of [Trollstilt], who paint a totally new world of Scandinavian folk-inspired music.

--Karin Code, editor, Sound Post, (Hardanger Fiddle Association of America)

For those who are familiar with the music of the traditional Norwegian Hardanger fiddle, the sound of Dan Trueman's fiddle is a delight. Dan has been able to distill from his intensive study of this mysterious instrument the essential elements of its characteristic melodic patterns and ornaments, then fuse these elements with contemporary classical styles. The Hardanger fiddle elements in Dan's compositions are clearly recognizable but are not superficially inserted or tacked on. The result is a completely new animal, an organic whole that is appropriate in scale with the hardingfele and respects and emphasizes the hardingfele's strong points. Myllarguten on Mars!

--Loretta Kelley, America's most respected Hardanger fiddler

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